Company Profile

Tisco Airtransport Co., Ltd. was incorporated on 11.Jan.1987 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan as an international freight forwarder.

Name of Tisco derived from the concept of company’s establishment: “Taiwan Impex Service Company”.

Tisco is one of the most respected names in the cargo forwarder industry. We have built and nurtured an outstanding reputation for service, reliability and professionalism in all aspects of the cargo forwarder industry.

We have also demonstrated a continuous record of innovation and marketing excellence that help our clients develop and build their worldwide businesses.

From the very beginning our object is to provide a total logistics service for clients.

Operational Scale and Workforce

As of 1st Mar.2010, Tisco was staffed with 98 people. (50 in KHH and 48 in TPE.)

The most important asset of Tisco is the hard working people with more than 15years experience averagely in this industry. All of them are able to meet the high demands of our clients and overseas agents with their passion, expertise, flexibility and personal cares.

All of our shareholders are actively engaged in the management of the company.

Right from the beginning, Mr. Kenneth Wang built Tisco upon the principles of

  • Tireless devotion
  • Modern technical support
  • Reliability
  • Creativity

Which still today make Tisco an active and dynamic leader of the cargo forwarder industry.

Through the excellent teamwork since our inception Tisco is growing to become the leading company.

Besides building new branches, we also joint sales with our excellent overseas agents in order to enlarge our marketing share.

All of our agents are professional freight forwarder within their city they are aggressive, competitive, well-placed and well-respected as we are.

With the network, our service range now can cover 93 cities in 42 countries and the scale is still expanding. By which we can serve most of the major commercial cities and gateways throughout the world for our clients.

We are therefore able to say:

Tisco makes the world smaller and we pave the way you are!

7th Fl, No 136, Chung Cheng 4th Rd., Kaohsiung City 801, Taiwan.    Tel. 886-7-2851556